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Poems of HOPE for the Divorce DIVA

You are Divine, Intentional, Victorious, and Abundant


In solitude’s embrace, strength we find,

A journey within, a resilient mind.

Amidst the quiet, a spirit’s song,

In isolation, we grow strong.


Gentle whispers to your soul, take heed,

Self-care blooms like a sacred seed.

In moments tender, let love flow,

Nurturing yourself, watch your spirit glow.

Finding inner strength:

Within your core, a fortress resides,

Unyielding strength, where courage abides.

Tap into the power, deep within,

Your inner strength, a resilient kin.

Balancing relationships:

Two hearts entwined, a delicate dance,

Balancing love, giving each a chance.

In harmony’s embrace, connections soar,

Together we thrive, forevermore.

Resilience, embracing change:

Through life’s twists and turns, we learn to sway,

Resilience blooms in the light of day.

Embrace change, like seasons in flow,

In every challenge, let strength grow.

Navigating roles:

In the script of life, roles may shift,

A metamorphosis, a precious gift.

Embrace the changes, let grace unfold,

In evolving roles, we find stories untold.


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