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Focus: Fill Your GAP

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What's Included

Sample Interview Questions

Summary, Background & Motivation

Key Themes & Goal Of Book

Book In Action

  1. In 60 seconds, what is Fill Your GAP about?

  2. What motivated you to writing this book. What was that process like?

  3. How have you personally seen these steps transform your own life?

  1. Tell us about the main purpose of writing this book. And the audience it written to serve?

  2. In the book you talk about defining moments. Explain how one can recognise a defining moment in their life ?

  3. What's the cost for people recognising the defining moments in their lives?

  4. The book reveals the path to living a life of purpose ...built around identifying GAPs needed to be filled. Tell us more.

  1. Sounds like you've developed a way to discover how one can fill their GAP, even providing us with a unique GAP Assessment? Can one really find purpose by filling their GAP?

  2. Where do you see this book going?  (Keynotes, Bookstores, Retreats, Conferences...)

Sample Ques

Statistics & Facts: Daydreamers

You are What you Think: 75-98% of Mental and Physical Illnesses Come from our Thought Life! **Dr. Caroline Leaf

Your brain, not your mind, controls your daydreams. **National Geographic

Daydreaming makes you more creative.

People spend nearly half of their waking hours not thinking about what they are actually doing, according to a US study conducted via the iPhone. ​The Science study suggested minds wander, even from demanding tasks, at least 30% of the time

Daydreaming is like a time out for your tired mind. There are two schools of thought on whether daydreaming and fantasy are a good or bad thing for those that suffer with mental ailments like anxiety disorder.

Maladaptive daydreamers devote an average of 57 percent of their waking hours to fantasy, Somer and his colleagues reported in a new study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition.

On particularly dreamy days, this went up to 69 percent. By comparison, people without the condition spend 16 percent of their time daydreaming.

Most people spend more time trying to stay awake than to live awakened! It’s estimated that 16.2 million adults in the United States, or 6.7 percent of American adults, have had at least one major depressive episode in a given year.

​With a greater understanding of how to handle the traumatic experiences in life, taking time and finding the right resource to eliminate the anxieties that attach themselves to the situation; will help more individuals push past the pain and ache, preventing these depressive episodes.

According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of people today believe a GAP is holding them back from living their dreams. This book shares how the other 8% have closed this GAP.

What would you rather?

  • Fill your GAP or let it hold you back from intentional, personal Growth?

  • Maintain a rich life or lose the motivation to live a life of Abundance?

  • Walk around the world with your head hung low or increase your personal Power and walk confidently in this world?


Watch the video below

When you fill your GAPs, it transforms every area of your life: Body. Soul. Spirit.

When you uncover your hurt and pain, though quite a difficult challenge, you take the first step to filling your GAP--Growth, Abundance and Power. This uncovering open moments that define the beautiful dreams among the ache and trauma and awaken you to inspire future successes.

Each of us know someone who need GAP fillers. This book provides that and more.

Learning to apply the keys for success in this book and becoming more aware of the powerful messages coming from within can lead to become empowered in your personal Growth, Abundance and Power for life.

Stats + Facts


GAP Assess

Invitation to Fill Your GAP

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