Transform Youth Leadership


What is Transform Youth Leadership (TYL)?

Upcoming Global Youth Initiative - The month of October 2017

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During the week of April 24 - 30, 2017, Hopelyn International Network joined with John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative to launch Transform Youth Leadership in Jamaica. Several organisation leaders in Jamaica and the USA partnered with Dr. Hopelyn Brown to serve 7 schools, and one church during that week. 

During a 1-2 hour workshop principals, teachers, and leaders were equipped, inspired and empowered to:


As a follow up to this workshop, 8-10 students have been selected by their principals, guidance counsellors, teachers, and leaders to participate in a 1 day leadership retreat where they will spend a day developing greater skills to navigate many challenges they face day-to-day - struggles with confidence, fear of failure, and bullying.

Groups Involved?

Below are the 7 (seven) groups involved so far. It is our hope to expand this work based on the level of interest moving forward.

  1. Spot Valley High School

  2. St. Ann's Bay High School

  3. Tacky High School

  4. Morant Bay High School

  5. Robert Lightbourne High School

  6. PDI Girls Town

  7. Full Life Deliverance Ministries Inc.

How to Partner?

You can partner with Hopelyn International Network by supporting the work she is doing by sponsoring a group or 8 - 10 youth. Sponsor a Youth Group

The sponsorship with cover:

  • Administration costs: books, supplies, personal assistant

  • Transportation

  • Meals

  • Facilitation

The Law of the Rubberband

The Law of the Rubberband states that growth stops when there is no tension between where you are and where you could be. Over the week of the Global Youth Initiative; youth from 5 high schools, 1 professional development institute, and 1 church was introduced to this law. They were encouraged to stretch their minds, expand their dreams, and stretch themselves to live a life of purpose and become better leaders for tomorrow; regardless the challenges and obstacles that they may face.

How To Support Transform Youth Leadership (TYL): ​

  • Sponsor a Youth Group: The total costs to sponsor a group: U$2,000. per group. (U$200. per person)  

    • The sponsorship cost will cover:

      • Administration costs: books, supplies, personal assistant

      • Transportation

      • Meals

      • Facilitation


Your partnership matters. 

For More Information,


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Yearly Fee: U$197.00 (JMD$25,000.00)

Monthly Fee: U$19.99 (JMD$2,600.00)