What are you grateful for?

As I woke this morning and throughout the course of the day, I kept thinking about the things I was grateful for. This was prompted by what my husband said to me as I was leaving home to go on a coaching call. He said, “this is a day to have gratitude” As I drove away from home I thought of the things to be grateful for: my husband, my breath, my children, my relationship with Jesus Christ, being able to hear, being able to speak, being able to walk, being able to drive, the opportunity to have an education, the opportunity to speak into another woman’s life, and so much more…What are you grateful for … today? Is it time to stop making excuses for pain, sorrow, sickness, disapppointments, and challenges in your life and let go off your egos (pride) and surrender. A great way to begin is tobegin to be grateful. Each morning as you wake up, how do you begin each day? How do you impact your neighbor’s life? Do you have joy? Share your thoughts and begin to impact some other person’s life…right here…

Begin living in His blessings by being grateful, Dr. Hope

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