A Quiet Desperation

Our lives at times appears to be beautiful, serene, and all that others would want theirs to be. Yet on our insides, and in our private spaces we wonder why the quiet desperation for things that we longed for and have not received throughout our life time. What do you do? Pray? Have faith? Give up? Keep hoping? Keep Praying? Get frustrated? Daily die on the inside? Get depressed? Let us share with each other how we handle our times of quiet desperation. I am sure you will bless many lives, as our stories are usually quite similar and sometimes the same, and in turn you will be blessed.

As for me, when I find myself in a place of quiet desperation, I pray, I read, I cry, I share with some trusted friend, or talk to God. I find that surrendering it all usually brings a great sense of relief and release, as now I am no longer carrying the burden of that weight which can get real heavy-this quiet desperation. It is now placed at Jesus’s feet. That can be a hard feat at times, but when I am capable, able, willing to just “let go,” then place is given to “let God.” So daily I am learning more and more how to let go easily so that my life can be lived with greater peace, joy, and fulfillment. I am learning this by using the Word of God [the Bible] as my daily compass, and finding time throughout each day of my life to communicate with God (who is the Giver of Life).

I speak peace, joy, and love to you all.

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