Moments That Define Your Purpose

Years ago I wrote the book Defining Moments: How Ordinary Women Discovered their Divine Life Design.

Earlier this year I had a one week promotion on Amazon, and for one day that week I gave away free Kindle version which made me International Bestselling Author!

Now it's great to have the title Bestselling Author, but how many of those downloads were read? I'd be curious to know.

Listen to this short interview about Defining Moments and my passion:

You see we want to have the defining moments in our lives. We want to understand how they define our assignment or our calling in this world, but are we willing to read a short book ... less than 200 pages ... even when it is given to us free, to engage our mind into the possibilities..

Be bold enough to open your copy today and take the time to read it. It's an easy read, It took me less than two hours to read in one sitting.

If you don't know where your copy went ... somewhere in cyberspace ... maybe ... then get your own paid copy. It's only cost under $5.00.

Happy reading...

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