Encounter The Real You and Journey to Living Empowered In 7 Steps

Your Journey Begins with One Step ... and

Deciding to Face Your Gaps...

92 percent of people say that a GAP is holding them back from living their dreams. It's time to Discover the Pathway to Create a Life of Growth, Abundance and Power.

You don't see things the way they are, but the way you are.

The truth is, if you see yourself as a 2 other people will not raise your value to a 10. Is transformation possible? Could you actually change the way you see yourself and the world?

Encounter The Real You and Journey to Living Empowered

You're Never Going to Outperform Your Own Self-Image

Not too many of us admit we have a low self-image. (I certainly didn't.) When just a kid, I was so lost and lonely inside though others saw a confident person on the outside. And as I grew older the loneliness caused great pain and I sought to fill those empty spaces and seek love in the wrong places.

I discovered a powerful process that set me free

I came to the realization that I had been living ignorantly according to my Birth Name and Given Names. But then I discovered that God had a new name for me...a Secret Name. Sure the experience wasn't always fun, but...when I stopped running from who I was, I was finally able to become who I was born to be.

Most of us don't know who we are and the cost is killing us. It's why we suffer from: addictions, broken relationships, blind spots, and just plain mediocre lives. Now is the time to change the trajectory of your life. Now is the time to discover Your Secret Name.

Begin your Journey Today!

Encounter The Real You and Journey to Living Empowered

Hopelyn Mullings Brown, DSL, MBA, BSW ...

Author, Speaker, and Financial Coach who help female professionals and entrepreneurs awaken their dreams, design a path to their dreams, and take intentional steps to overcome setbacks and live emPowered lives; creating a legacy for generations.​

Your dreams brought to life is just moments away from you taking the first step!

Transform Your Life ... Transform Your World

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