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Fill Your Gap and Create a Life Worth Living

Inc. Magazine states that 92% of people today believes that a GAP is holding them back from living their dreams. Fill Your GAP: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Growth, Abundance and Power, tells how the other 8% close this GAP to create a life worth living.

Are you spinning circles and getting nowhere?

Do you feel stuck in your dream by hidden hurt and pain?

Uncovering your ache and trauma, though a challenging task, is the first step to filling your gap. These defining moments uncovers beautiful dreams and awaken you to inspiration for future successes.

In Fill Your GAP Dr. Brown shows you how to:

• unlock the secrets hidden in your hurt and pain

• discover power moves to uncover significant experiences in your past that can fill your gap and not drain it

• awaken your dreams, design a path, do the actions to bridge the gap in your life

• and much more

Through sharing her personal story and the triumph of others who have followed her process, Dr. Brown takes you on the pathway to create a life of growth, abundance and power to fill your GAP--right now!

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Dr. Hopelyn Mullings Brown is Transforming Lives.

Through her writing, speaking, and coaching; she helps individuals and organizations uncover blind spots in the times of hurt and pain in their lives that can lead them on the pathway to a life of Growth, Abundance, and Power. She is the Founder of Hopelyn International Network [HIN], which serves the business and non-profit community.

She and her husband Audley met in Jamaica while attending high school and now spend most of their time between Canada and Jamaica. They have 3 adult sons and 3 precious grandchildren. Dr. Brown is a certified member of The John Maxwell Team.


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