Real Help

"Using scripture and her experience coaching people, the author takes her readers through the process of moving out of destructive thinking into healthy patterns.

Having a map is good. Having a guide is better."

~ J. F. Bryant

You Are Worthy and Able

"A great reminder that we each have a dream inside of us that needs to be shared with the world. Using her coaching experience, the author lays out a solid plan for identifying and achieving that dream. You can’t let the fear of being unworthy hold you back."

~ Chellie

Unique Already

"I loved the aspect on growth and pains. In this day and age where we are apt to think of the easy way out, I love how your book hints on a difficult and more solid path towards finding 'a lasting' growth. I believe from taking notes from your stories shared, one will be able to experience a lasting change. Can't wait to uncover more..."

~ Joy Okparaocha


"I read the sample and it’s pulling me in... love the scriptural references... buy/bought." ~ Janice M.

Hopelyn Mullings Brown, DSL, MBA, BSW; author, speaker, and financial coach who help female professionals and entrepreneurs awaken their dreams, design a path to their dreams, and take intentional steps to overcome setbacks and live emPowered lives; creating a legacy for generations.​

Transform Your Life ... Transform Your World

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