Hopelyn Mullings Brown is an author, speaker and executive life coach; currently making an impact among  professionals and entrepreneurs, as the CVO of Hopelyn International®. 


TRANSFORM your organization's WORK CULTURE with world class leadership tools facilitated by an inspirational Doctor of Strategic Leadership - DSL, with international expertise.


Let's begin to map out your GAP today!

Dr. Hopelyn started this journey of coaching and training in 2005 and raised attention in Canada, USA, Jamaica, Spain and other parts of the world both in the online space and face-to-face.

Today she is an Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach; providing training and keynote speaking to aid personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Her engaging talks will motivate and inspire your team or organization to become empowered in their life and work.

Dr. Hopelyn expertise spans over 20 years in the sales and leadership arena, during which time I gained much experience and insight in areas life purpose coaching, strategic leadership, personal development, self-awareness, sales and leadership training. She is equipped to help leaders add value to their lives so they can in turn add value to others, by becoming leaders of themselves and create wins for themselves, their teams, and their organiztions.

Her passion is to help you identify and live into your potential. Her training, education, and life and coaching experiences help her to do that everyday. Her coaching toolbox is equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to help you operate at a higher level in your personal and professional life.

Dr. Hopelyn have been featured in the Maple Ridge Times, The Jamaican Gleaner, Inspired Women Succeed, AfroNews and Jamaicans.com. She is the author of three books: Fill Your GAP: 7 Steps for Creating a Life of Growth, Abundance and Power, Defining Moments: How Ordinary Women Discovered Their Divine Life Design, and Joy For Today Devotionals.