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Executive Life Coach & Author


Dr. Hopelyn has a specially tailored programme for Life Coach Certification which invites candidates to join the Hopelyn International Community of Coaches through HopeU.


Dr. Hopelyn is also available to speak at your next conference, retreat, seminar or workshop. Speakers Topics include: Influencing and Coaching Leaders, Purpose, Goal Setting and Leadership Development

Receive Coaching Support from Dr. Hopelyn

The path to complete transformation sees 4 main stages when working with Dr. Hopelyn Mullings Brown. With each stage, you begin to unlock more and more of yourself so that you can effectively step into your Growth, Abundance and Power. Each stage acts as a pre-requisite to the follow-up stages so that Dr. Hopelyn can truly track your progress having applied all aspects of her specially carved systems of transformation. 

Start your process at Stage 1 and get ready to journey with Dr. Hopelyn!


Transformation in your life and work begins with YOU! It's time to live your life with HOPE by stepping into Growth, Abundance & Power!

Meet Dr. Hopelyn

Executive Life Coach & Author

Dr. Hopelyn started this journey of coaching and training in 2005 and raised attention in Canada, USA, Jamaica, Spain and other parts of the world both in the online space and face-to-face.

Today she is an Author, Speaker, and Executive Coach; providing training and keynote speaking to aid personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. 

Dr. Hopelyn's expertise spans over 20 years in the sales and leadership arena, with targeted levels of support provided on the basis of life purpose coaching, strategic leadership, personal development, self-awareness, sales and leadership training.


She is equipped to help leaders add value to their lives so they can in turn add value to others, by becoming leaders of themselves - thereby creating wins for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

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Fill Your GAP Book

Fill Your GAP

* Grow as much as you want* Create as much money as you dream and * Step into your personal power with confidence. Fill your GAP--Growth, Abundance, and Power today! Are you spinning circles and getting nowhere? Do you feel stuck in your dream by hidden hurt and pain? Uncovering your ache and trauma, though a challenging task, is the first step to filling your gap. These defining moments uncovers beautiful dreams and awaken you to inspiration for future successes.

Receive the 7 steps you need to take to step into Growth, Abundance and Power! 

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About Hopelyn Intl

About Hopelyn International and The Services We Offer

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Hopelyn International offers leadership coaching through training, one-to-one facilitation, seminars & workshops, and keynote speaking; to help you to step into Growth, Abundance and Power! 

We primarily work with Professionals who have recently completed Graduate Studies, individuals who are desirous of being certified as Life Coaches, as well as persons who are desirous of receiving Life Coaching support with the specific focus on Leadership Development.

Coaching is helping others to become clearer on who they were created to be and what they were created to do. As a leadership coach I am a change expert who facilitates leaders to take responsibility for the dreams placed in their hearts, design a strategy, and do what it takes to accomplish their own potential.

Coaching is the most effective tool used to transform the lives of the many women I have coached.

In my research, InPower Women found in a study of 7,280 leaders, that women excel at 15 of 16 individual leadership characteristics, as judged by their peers, subordinates and managers.


The variation between women and men increases as individuals gain seniority. Regardless what status quo tells you about how effective women are in leadership roles; the research says that women are strong leaders. If you are not stepping up as a woman in leadership, you’re letting your culture get in the way of your results.


It’s time to function in the way you were designed.These women have been able to identify issues and hindrances, and they have come to realize and accept that they are equipped for their purpose and specially chosen for it.

Today we are offering you some help to begin the process.

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